All pinball machines have been thoroughly reconditioned with a 40 point checklist including; playfield restoration, wax, new rubber rings, all lights checked and replaced as necessary, all features tested and reconditioned as needed, all electronic circuits inspected and repaired.  Cabinet imperfections filled, sanded, spot-puttied and touched up by a professional artist. We upgrade all of our pinball machines with high quality LED light bulbs. These pinball machines look like new, play like new and all our products include a 60-day warranty. 

2016 Medieval Madness Standard Edition

Medieval Madness is widely held to be one of the best pinball machines of all time! Chicago Gaming and Planetary Pinball have created a brand new 2016 remake of the classic pinball machine Medieval Madness.  Many updates include modernized electronics, adjustable color display, LED lighting, and a class D digital audio amplifier. Your remake of Medieval Madness will be shipped brand new in a box directly from Chicago Gaming.

  • All LED Lighting

  • Chrome Legs and Trim

  • 3 ramps

  • Adjustable speed at which LED bulbs ramp up and down

  • Shaker motor compatible (Please indicate if you would like your machine upgraded!)



1992 Williams Fish Tales

(Original Production 13,640 Units) 

Catch ‘em all – hook line and sinker! Features video mode that allows players to take watercraft into an overcrowded lake. The rod and reel locks three balls for multi-ball play. All mechanical parts have been restored and updated.

  • Opto-flipper button switch

  • Electrical line cord sets

  • Criss-cross ramp


1989 Data East Monday Night Football

(Original Production: 1.492 Units) 

Monday Night Football is a great game for football season! A must-have for all locations with record breaking earnings and awesome lights. Once promoted by ABC sports at the beginning of every Monday Night Football game - this pinball is sure to provide tons of entertainment!

  • Features play by play from Al Michaels, Frank Gifford & Dan Dierdorf

  • Disappearing goal post & ramp

  • Seen by 60 million people weekly on Monday Night Football




1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation

(Original Production 11,728 Units)

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of my favorite pinballs! A super PIN designed by Steve Richie makes a player feel like he’s in space battling some of the galaxies evilest enemies. One of its coolest features is a Borg ship that captures and shoots out the ball! This machine is currently in the reconditioning phase and will have attributes that are not shown in the photos such as mirror blades and laser cannons. 

  • Color DMD

  • Padded target stickers

  • Light up flipper button

  • Lighted speaker panels

  • Chrome flippers


1995 Bally Who Dunnit Pinball

(Original Production 2,416 Units)

Who Dunnit is a pinball with a great murder mystery theme, awesome sounds and music, and fun game play. You need to combine clues you discover with background information on each of the four suspects to close the case. This game is more than a pinball, it's like a "Clue" board game built in with it. 

  • Phone & spinning reels on playfield

  • DCS sound system

  • Ramps, multi-ball

  • Elevator feature with different modes on each floor


1988 Williams Taxi

(Original Production 7,303 Units)

Start collecting your fare with this powerhouse Bally pinball game! Includes figure 8 ramps and a special million-point bonus. Check out the plunger lane skill shot that shoots the ball into the "Spin-Out" whirlpool to score up to 100,000 points. 

  • 3 pop bumpers

  • 3 slingshots

  • 2 kick-out holes



1987 Williams FIRE! Pinball

(Original Production 7,700 Units)

FIRE! is themed from the Great Chicago fire of 1871. The player must quickly “put out the fires” when they appear in various places throughout the playfield. Exciting features such as second floor shots and fire escape ramps to save trapped victims.. 

  • ladder ramp raises

  • 3 ball multi-ball

  • White & red LEDs in buildings simulate fire



1990 Midway Twilight Zone

(Original Production 10,750 Units)

Midway’s Twilight Zone is one of the best games ever made! Too many features to list! It is a highly sought after pinball game and is extremely collectible.

  • Gumball machine dispenses balls

  • Working analog clock

  • Random ceramic "powerball" that is faster and unaffected by magnets

  • Background music is "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring





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