2016 Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness is widely held to be one of the best pinball machines of all time! Chicago Gaming and Planetary Pinball have created a brand new 2016 remake of the classic pinball machine Medieval Madness.  Many updates include modernized electronics, adjustable color display, LED lighting, and a class D digital audio amplifier. Your remake of Medieval Madness will be shipped brand new in a box directly from Chicago Gaming.


  • All LED Lighting
  • Chrome Legs and Trim
  • 3 ramps
  • Adjustable speed at which LED bulbs ramp up and down
  • Shaker motor compatible (Please indicate if you would like your machine upgraded!)

Own a part of pinball history!

Check out the Medieval Madness promotional video featuring pinball historian Roger Sharpe and one of the MMR pre-production games.