1977 Bally Mata Hari

(Original Production 16,260 Units)

One of the original Bally solid states machines. This pinball machine is based on Margaretha Zelle  who was born in the Netherlands and established herself as a successful exotic dancer, traveling all over Europe under the name Mata Hari. The table has a completely symmetric playfield layout. The machine has a simple straight-forward rule set that offers a challenge to beginners and advanced players. Basically, there are three goals to accomplish: knock down the drop targets, complete the A-B combination a certain number of times and land in the kickout hole multiple times

Cabinet has been freshly painted and machine has been completely restored. New boards and displays. LEDS in backbox as well as in the playfield. New rubbers all around and freshly touched up, polished and clear coated playfield. All mechanics have been tested and verified. Brand new drop targets, thumper caps and freshly rebuilt thumpers. 

  • 8 Drop Targets

  • 4 Bumpers

  • 2 slingshots