1993 Williams Indiana Jones

(Original Production 12,716 Units)



It's a new pinball soundscape that will eclipse everything that has come before! No other arcade or home game sound system can play back music, speech and sound effects like Williams' DCS (Digital Compression System). This 4-track digital playback system now, for the first time, brings symphonic sound to the world of coin-op! INDIANA JONES  combines musical selections from all 3 movies and tie them together with an original theme for the pinball game, most sound effects in the game were taken from or based on actual movie sound effects.

This machine has been restored from top to bottom. All mechanical parts have been restored and updated. Playfield is freshly cleaned and has all new rubbers. All lights have been changed to LEDs. Cabinet has fresh stickers all around and brand new mirror blades have been added to the side of the cabinet. You won't find another one in this nice of condition!

  • Opto-flipper button switch

  • Electrical line cord sets

  • Criss-cross ramp