1979 Bally Harlem Globetrotters "On Tour"

(Original Production 14,550 Units)

Harlem Globetrotters is a classic Bally design.It plays the Sweet Georgia Brown theme when a game is started. At the top center it has a saucer that awards the letters G-L-O-B-E. The letters alternate at about half-second intervals and you are awarded the lit letter when the ball lands in the saucer. The goal is to spell GLOBE. On the right the game has 4 stand up targets located about an inch and a half inside some posts called the DUNK area. 

LEDs have been installed throughout the playfield and the head. New rubbers all around and freshly polished playfield. All mechanics have been tested and verified. Brand new drop targets, thumper caps and freshly rebuilt thumpers. 

  • 3 Pop Bumpers

  • 3 Spinning Targets

  • 2 Kick-out Holes