1981 Bally Eight Ball Deluxe

(Original Production 8,250 Units)

Eight Ball Deluxe has two sets of drop targets, one set for the billiard balls 1-7 and 9-15, and four in line drop targets for bonus multiplier. Behind the 1-7 drop targets are stand up targets that spells out 'Deluxe'. If the player spells the last letter of 'Deluxe', the game gives three free games. This feature stays in memory even when the machine is turned off

Cabinet has been striped down, repainted and stenciled. LEDs have been installed throughout the playfield and the head. New rubbers all around and freshly polished and clear coated playfield. All mechanics have been tested and verified. Brand new drop targets, thumper caps and freshly rebuilt thumpers. 

  • 3 pop bumpers

  • 3 flippers

  • kick out hole