1977 Bally Eight Ball

(Original Production 20,230 Units)

Bally started a long line of hits with this release, the original Eight Ball. It uses the likeness of the Fonz on the backglass and artwork. Eight Ball presents a wonderful mix of the old and new. Preserved from the EM era is a beautifully laid out open playfield complete shots to light up the stripes and solids, however it uses early digital technology to operate.

Cabinet has been striped down, repainted and stenciled. LEDs have been installed throughout the playfield and the head. New rubbers all around and freshly polished and clear coated playfield. All mechanics have been tested and verified. Brand new drop targets, thumper caps and freshly rebuilt thumpers. 

  • 3 pop bumpers

  • 2 slingshots

  • 4 player