1994 Williams Corvette

(Original Production 5,001 Units


"Test drive it at the showroom nearest you. But be prepared.You don't take this CORVETTE for a spin. It takes you."


Corvette is one of George Gomez's first games. Like the car, Corvette is known for its insanely fast ball action and great design. Coveted by collectors and car lovers alike, this game simply does not surface very often, As each game you play progresses, it gets harder and harder and the balls really fly around the playfield The art work is fabulous too. Check out the car designs on the playfield... Almost every vintage class of Corvettes is represented In addition, there is separate artwork on each side of the cabinet which is very rare indeed Very few games have ever been created with completely different left and right cabinet artwork.

  • 2 Ramps
  • 3 flippers
  • Engine shaped ball shaker