1987 Williams Big Guns

(Original Production: 5,250 Units) 


Big Guns is a 1987 Williams pinball. Taking place in a medieval future, the King Tyrant is holding the Queen hostage. It's up to the Queen's military forces to storm the King Tyrant's castle and rescue the Queen. But to successfully storm the castle, they would have to be granted invincibility powers. Big Guns's notable features include two catapults (the cannons) that shoot the ball into the air and into the habitrail, and a taller-than-normal backbox, which houses a bagatelle mini-game (the King's Chamber).

The machine has been completely restored. The cabinet has been freshly painted. All mechanical parts have been restored and updated. Playfield is freshly cleaned and has all new rubbers. All lights have been changed to LEDs. Translite is in excellent shape. Flippers are rebuilt and all features work. Ready for your gameroom!

  • 13 Drop Targets

  • 2 Catapults

  • Backbox mini game

  • No pop bumpers