1992 Williams Addams Family Pinball

(Original Production 20,270 Units)


Creepy. Cooky. Spooky Ooky. Based on the popular television series, this is one of the most popular pins in existance.  First ever optical target bank (in the bookcase). Bookcase, when active, rotates to reveal a lock hole. Magnets under the lower playfield activate as "The Power", an earned feature during play to affect ball movement. 2- or 3-ball multiball. Upper right playfield has "Thing", a large plastic hand that comes out if its box to magnetically pick up the ball and take it below the playfield.

This pinball machine has all of the upgrades. The cabinet has been freshly touched up new mirror blades have been installed.  DMD has been upgraded to full color and LEDs have been installed throughout all of the playfield and the head. A really fantastic unit. 

  • Color DMD

  • Padded target stickers

  • Light up flipper button

  • Magnet Thing

  • Multiball