1953 Seeburg HF100G 45 RPM Jukebox

The Select-O-matic “100”, Model HF100G, is a coin-operated phonograph using the Seeburg Select-O-matic Mechanism for selective playing of either or both sides of fifty 45 r.p.m., 7-inch records. Choice of any of the one hundred selections may be made at the instrument with an Electrical Selector or by remote control with 100-selection 3-wire Wall-O-Matic. A program holder using standard size title strips displays the entire hundreds selection program.

This restored 1950's Seeburg jukebox has been restored with zebrawood veneer, re-chromed metal, new mirrors, and fresh paint. All rebuilt mechanical parts and amplifier. It is ready for years of trouble free service!

  • Completely restored

  • Dimensions: 54H x 35W x 26 deep