1952 Seeburg M100-C

1952 Seeburg M100C "Happy Days" juke box.

This is a ground up restoration, this jukebox was completely disassembled, the cabinet stripped and veneered with a new finish and all electrical and mechanical parts serviced and rebuilt.

New chrome plating : All trim pieces, the aluminum glass dome frame, the tittle strip board, record selector casting, coin drop casting etc.

   New mirrors have been installed behind the record transport as well as the gold pleating on the sides and bottom of the transport area.

   The beautiful synchronized colors from the animation converge from both sides, projecting a rainbow effect onto the front glass pipes. 

   The two electronic chassis, (amplifier and selector) have all new electrolytic and polypropylene capacitors as well as any out of tolerance resisters replaced.  Both of these chassis have had a thorough going over. 

    The record transport mechanical cams and rollers,bearings have been greased and oiled according to the Seeburg maintenance manual.  The keyboard and selector unit has been disassembled and rebuilt as needed. All selections work.The audio can be very loud with deep bass and crisp highs and has little to no distortion.